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Phu Klon, Mae Hongson

Enclosed by the luscious hills of Northern Thailand and abundant with natural resources is Mae Hong Son, an ecotourism destination that is rich with tradition and remains, to this day, as a source of many valuable natural resources, namely the hot spring and mineral water spring, both of which are emitted from an underground source that is rich with minerals, creating a mud and clay that is highly beneficial for human health and skin.

The discovery and history of Phu klon
  • In 1995, a healthy mud source was discovered at Pong Dued Mae Sa Nga or the present name Phu klon by a group of French and Thai geological researchers who went sightseeing in Mae Hong Son, Thailand
  • A stream of hot mineral water was found rising in the middle of rice field flowing into a small creek. Many people recovered from illness and pain when soaked in the warm water in the creek.
  • In 1996, the mud from the hot spring was sampled and laboratory proved for minerals at Thermalium Luxeuil Laboratories in France. It took 4 years to find out the useful minerals and natural substances.
  • In 1999, the results from the laboratory showed that the mineral contents of the mud are good for the skin and blood circulation. There are some minerals that are found in the Dead Sea mud and volcano lava mud. Being rare minerals, they can be found only at a few places on earth
  • The survey renewed with satellite technology, heavy machinery and ground operation from Australia.
  • In 2000, Phu klon was registered as Phu klon Country Club Limited Partnership with Baht 1,000,000 registered capital to develop the location to be one of the amazing tourist attractions of Mae Hong Son and Thailand.

132 M.2 Makjampae, Muang, Maehongson 58000
277 Tapae Rd. Changklan Muang Chiangmai 50100
Tel: 66 5328 2579 Fax: 665327 92600
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