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Wat Hua Wiang, Mae Hongson

Located amidst the misty mountain ranges, the beautiful city of Mae Hong Son is one of the most sparsely populated cities in Thailand that is located in the northern most part of the country.

This city is home some truly delightful religious temples that are worth a visit. Notable among these is the Wat Hua Wiang. Constructed in the year 1863, Wat Hua Wiang is the most visited tourist spot inside the city of Mae Hong Son. Also known as Wat Klang Mueang, this Buddhist temple is located on the Sihanatbamrung Road present adjacent to the morning market inside the city.

The most remarkable feature that is present inside the temple is the Phra Chao Pharalakhaeng, a beautiful image of Lord Buddha dressed in an elegant attire. This is a Burmese-styled bronze statue and is considered to be a true replica of the one present in Mandalay, Myanmar. The temple primarily contains a large compound comprising of a two-storey building with a multi-tiered tower. Due to improper maintenance, many parts of the temple are in a bit dilapidated state. Interestingly, this look adds to the beauty and elegance of the temple. Unlike other temples in Thailand, Wat Hua Wiang has a more lively appearance considering the fact that the temple houses quite a few monks. By paying a visit to this temple, one can have a complete understanding about the Buddhist customs, traditions and religious activities of Thailand.

Wat Hua Wiang is open to visitors throughout the day. Admission into the temple is free. Visitors can reach the temple either by taking the famous Thai Tuk-Tuk or by getting on top of a Songkaew. Apart from these, there are also local buses available from the airport.
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