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Mae Ngao National Park

Mae Ngao National Park is located in Mae Hong Son Province and is spread over an area of 412 square kilometers. The park is natural sightseeing spot and is also a source of many small rivers and streams that flow into the Salawin River.

The park has high mountains from where all the rivers flow westwards into Salawin River. Basically the waterway system of the park is similar to the pattern of tree; there is a large river and its branches. Some of the major rivers and gullies in Mae Ngao National Park are as follows:
  • Mae Ngao River is longest and most important river of the park. It is 42 kilometers long and starts at Ban Sob-khong. The river is approximately 10 to 12 meters wide and the water is extremely clear and clean. Many gullies flow into the river and some of them include Huai Mae Loh-noi, Huai Mae-bang, Huai Mae Lela-kro, Huai Oloh-gro, and Huai Kong-oum.
  • Mae-yuam River flows from Khun-yuam district and meets Mae Ngao River at Ban Sob-ngao. This river is approximately 215 kilometers long and its flows southwards and passes through the western part of the park for nearly 14 kilometers.
  • Rid River is situated in the northern part of the park and flows westwards toward Kong-koi sub district.

The majority of park is evergreen forests which cover land at elevations higher than 1,000 meters. Along the banks of Mae Ngao River you will find mixed deciduous forest. Dry dipterocarps are found growing at the slopes. The park has a large number of mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians, including including Wild Boars, Asiatic Black Bears, Monkeys, Flying Squirrels, Foxes, Asiatic Wild Dogs, Wild Rabbits, Small Bamboo Rats, Red Jungle Fowls, Singing Myna, Turtle Doves, Blue Magpie, Cobras and Banded Krait.

You should also visit the Tham Pla cave or fish cave located at Ban Umlow village near Mae Ngao River. Inside the cave is a swamp where you can see a lot of fish. Another interesting place within the park is O Lo Gro Waterfall formed by a part of O Lo Gro stream. The waterfall is 150 meters high can be reached by a long walk on foot. Visitors love to visit Doi Pui viewpoint which is located on the slope of Doi Pui Luang at an elevation range of 1,600 meters to 1,700 meters. During the cool and dry season, you can view the beautiful misty surroundings.

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