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City of horse-drawn carriages

Horse-drawn carriage of Lampang has been well -known for more than 90 years and it is the only province in Thailand still retaining horse-drawn carriages as a means of transport within the city. It is an amazing experience to tour the ancient city of Lampang witnessing the people’s lifestyle and conserved architecture.

The first horse-drawn carriage arrived on the same time together with the rail in the late 1914. The owner of the first carriage was Lampang’s last governor, Prince Boonyawat Wongmanit. He hired an indian driver from Bangkok for the carriage.

Lampang had been the trading center of the Upper North, a gateway to Lanna, consumer goods and daily appliance transported from Bangkok were unloaded here before forwarded to other provinces like Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai and Phayao and to neigbouring countries like Lao PDR and Myanmar as well.

In 1957, It was a golden period and there were 185 carriages altogether and Lampang is the only province where horse-drawn carriage hold official document. Every carriage had to pay five baht tax annually and a renewal license for two baht.

Lampang’s horse-drawn carriages are known as ” Queen Victoria”. Each has four wheels with two big seats at the back and two additional seats upon request. It can hold a total of four people in one carriage.

The sound of horse’s hooves striking the concrete roads and ding-dong of the bells ringing on the carriages along small lanes or on the main streets make the passers-by feel that this is a "city of horse-drawn carriages."

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