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Doi Khun Than National Park

One hundred years ago, the Rroya State Railway of Siam blasted a tunnel through Doi Khun Tan to connect Lampang with Chiang Mai. This tunnel is still the longest in the kingdom. On the other side, is the Khun Tan Railway Station. This is where your ascent into the wilderness will begin.

The Doi Khun Tan National Park is located in Amphoe Mae Tha in the Lamphun Province and Amphoe Hang Chat and Amphoe Muang in the Lampang Province. The mountainous terrain requires all Railway to stop at this station to check their brakes before continuing on their journey.

The Khun Tan Tunnel: The Khun Tan Tunnel is the longest in Thailand, stretching for 1,300 meters. At the front of the tunnel is a monument to the German engineer who made this colossal project possible.

Climbing Up to Doi Khun Tan: From the Khun Tan Railway Station there is a path leading to the summit of Doi Khun Tan. This mountain has four peaks. The first peak is only 1,300 meters from the station. Here, you will find accommodations and restaurants to prepare you for the following legs of your trip. The second peak is higher up. On your way, you will pass the home of the ex-prime minister of Thailand. His house is surrounded on all sides by indigenous pine trees. The third peak is higher still. Up here is a retreat for the local missionaries. During the winter, you can see the brilliant crimson fields of poinsettias. This is a wonderful place to take a break in bask in the views it has to offer. The fourth peak is the highest. From atop this craggy summit, you can look out over the valley and see the city of Chiang Mai.

The TadMoei Waterfall: Located between the second and third peaks is the path to the moderate-sized Tad Moei Waterfall. To get here, you must descend for 300 meters.

How to Get There
The most convenient way to get to Doi Khun Tan is to take the train. If you are traveling from Bangkok, you will want to take the express train. The Nakhon Phing Express departs Bangkok in the evening and arrives at the Khun Tan Railway Station first thing the next morning. When you exit the train, you can immediately start your hike up to Doi Khun Tan.

To contact Khun Tan National Park call: 0-5351- 9216

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