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Medical Tourism in Thailand

“Medical Tourism in Thailand” is your personal health care partner providing the medical tourist with international medical tourism facts about affordable surgery abroad & low cost personal health care services. If you seek breast enlargement, dental implants, SRS, drug rehab, infertility treatment, IVF egg donation PGD or plastic surgery in Thailand we'll help you find the best value for money.

Breast augmentation surgery starts at US$2,600. LASIK surgery cost in Bangkok is US$3,550 less than the average in the USA. Computer assisted total hip replacement surgery costs just US$2,800. The cost of lap band surgery, including two nights stay in hospital, is just US$9,000. Thailand medical tourism offers not only affordable plastic surgery abroad at ISO-certified international hospitals but also a world class alcohol treatment center, the latest medical diagnostic imaging, teeth whitening and affordable dental care.

Medical tourism in Thailand is a low cost health insurance alternative and a great source for things which cheap health insurance usually excludes such as a cosmetic dentist. But we are also the #1 source of information about Dr Sava Perovic, likely the world's leading urological surgeon, who on rare occasions performs FtM & MtF SRS transsexual surgery in Bangkok. He's also the world's leading plastic surgery phalloplasty Dr. offering the best permanent surgical results, extremely high rates of success for all his procedures and remarkably low numbers of complications.

If you need affordable health care or cosmetic surgery, you can get it from an advanced health care center in Bangkok that is hi-tech, modern, effective & safe. Have chronic pain? International medical tourism gets you affordable medical diagnosis and treatment from a competent, licensed, experienced and skilled medical doctor who can give you the quality health care you need. Dr Somsak Lolekha, president of the Medical Council of Thailand believes: “Medicine is about saving lives, not making money.”

From medical tourism packages overseas to medical tourists agencies, anyone thinking about becoming a medical tourist will find this site about medical tourism in Thailand, and elsewhere, valuable food for thought and an answer to prayer. Thailand medical tourism has some unique features but you may find our insights, comments, opinions, suggestions and questions relevant and applicable for any medical tourism outside of the USA, Australia, Canada or Europe. And if you are coming to Bangkok, we can coordinate your visit to the hospital at no charge. The international hospitals report our help greatly reduces problems & improves the patient experience.

We try to be impartial but sometimes we'll give pure editorial opinion about international medical tourism and medical tourism marketers. But we'll try to make sure a medical tourist can clearly tell what is opinion and what are medical tourism facts. For more than three decades we've been researching the top medical tourism hospitals in Thailand, using them for our own health care and that of our friends and loved ones, including many Thais. There are many private hospitals in Bangkok. We've seen the good, the bad, the ugly, the cheap and the expensive. Our experience can help ensure you get excellent value for money.

Other USA medical tourists agencies may not have the experience abroad to give you a clear idea of what to expect overseas. We've got decades of first-hand experience to help you sort out the bewildering array of options:

  • Europe medical tourism? Their best surgeons come here.
  • UK medical tourism? What about their superbugs?
  • USA medical tourism? Only for the super-rich.
  • Canada medical tourism? Free for them, not you.
  • medical tourism India? Not bad, but compare our facilities!
  • medical tourism Mexico? Close, but more expensive.
  • medical tourism Costa Rica? Convenient but not better.
  • medical tourism in the Philippines? We speak English too!
  • Caribbean medical tourism? Surgery is not a vacation.
Just finding all those destinations on a map is already exhausting. So many continents! So many countries! So many cities! So many hospitals! So many doctors! Relax. Your search is over. Thailand has the quality health care you need at a price you can afford. You'll probably find you've got enough money for additional elective procedures such as cosmetic plastic surgery and the dental work you've been postponing until you win the lottery. Dental care in Thailand costs about 85% less than the USA and 50-75% less than Mexico.
Medical Tourism Best Place To Go

The focus of “Medical Tourism in Thailand” is to inform you and other medical tourists seeking affordable surgery abroad that Bangkok, Thailand is your destination of choice. We can also provide medical escort and concierge services if you decide to come and want our help. We do not mark up the medical care, surgeries or dental care we recommend. Except for highly specialized procedures that may not be listed, we quote from price lists published by the hospitals and doctors or from quotes they provide to us. Ask them or ask us, the price of any particular surgery will be the same always.

Medical tourism in Thailand is a great idea because “The Land of Smiles” is already one of the most popular tourist destinations on the planet. You probably already know Thai food is great and have heard that Thailand is a fantastic place to vacation. But did you know:
  • many Thai doctors are American Board Certified and a number are Australian Board certified as well?
  • the quality of health care available in Thailand rivals the best of the USA and Europe?
  • the direct flight from New York City to Bangkok takes only 16 hours?
  • you can get your surgery or medical treatment in Thailand for 70%, 80%, even 90% LESS that at home?
many Thai doctors have studied and trained and practiced medicine at:
  • Cleveland Clinic
  • Mayo Clinic
  • Cedars-Sinai
  • Johns Hopkins
  • Harvard
  • Columbia; and
  • Roswell Park Cancer Institute, to name a few.
Tired of listening to the claims "America has the best health care in the world" when it's really only the most expensive health care in the world? Consider medical tourism. If you cannot afford the Cleveland Clinic but need that quality, medical tourism in Thailand is the solution. Would treatment at the Mayo Clinic break the bank? Medical tourism in Thailand is a viable alternative. Got a lot of respect for the medicine of Johns Hopkins, Harvard & Columbia University but don't have the deep pockets or comprehensive health insurance required? Thailand medical tourism gives you doctors trained at all those places but now providing treatment and services in clean, hygienic, ultra-modern, medical skyscrapers in Bangkok — for just 15 cents on the dollar.

Concerned about “accreditation” or “certification”? Good. All Thai hospitals must be licensed by the Thailand Ministry of Health. All Thai doctors must have medical licenses. Many are licensed by the medical associations of two or more countries, including the USA. Thailand has it’s own Medical Council which is the equivalent of the American Medical Association (AMA).

Many Thai hospitals have already achieved the International Standards Organization's ISO 9001:2000 accreditation. Leading hospitals have their own quality assurance department which regularly audits the health care facility & it's other departments.

At least one Thai hospital has accreditation from the international division of the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO), a private, nonprofit organization that is the primary inspector of hospitals, nursing homes, and other medical institutions in the USA.

But before you get too impressed by JCAHO accreditation or give it more importance than it may deserve, you should read the Boston Globe newspaper report of 17 March 2007 about how Massachusetts General Hospital failed a JC inspection because of “a series of issues raised by the inspectors” including:
  • staff neglecting to wash their hands before and after caring for patients;
  • medical records lacking dates and times;
  • caregivers failing to record whether patients on pain medication experienced less pain; and
  • staff failing to ask some patients about the medications they were taking before being hospitalized to ensure they would not be given drugs or treatments in the hospital that could cause a bad reaction.
Massachusetts General Hospital appealed the findings of the inspectors and made “improvements”. A second inspection found the hospital still "out of compliance in 10 areas" but the Joint Commission gave the hospital full accreditation anyway.

We also refer to this news story because it shows you many of the good reasons to carefully consider medical tourism in Thailand:

High-quality health care in the USA is available only to the rich, the powerful and the influential. Most Americans get the level of health care you see on the “ER” TV series. Medical tourism in Thailand gives you the top-quality care you and your loved ones deserve at a price many people can afford.

The quality and cleanliness of Thai hospitals and the quality of the health care they provide is quite good and probably much, much higher than you imagine. Service is fast, courteous, and competent. At many private Thai hospitals there’s no waiting to see a doctor — even a specialist.

You are likely to find you save so much money that you can afford to also get all the dental work you need.

And you can recover in the peace and quiet of a beautiful, friendly, luxurious, affordable tropical resort where you can stay three days and nights with free broadband Internet access and "all-you-can-eat" buffet breakfasts for the cost of a single filling for a tooth in the USA. I can assist you anyway.;)



russelltehri said...

Southeast asia has so much to offer to the global travel industry. We have everything they can look for- world class medical facilities, impeccable service, wonderful scenery and so much more.

Philippines Adventure Travel and Destinations

Daniel said...

in Europe, the benefits still apply when seeking dental treatment abroad. Being friendly is something we make sure we alway achieve in our dental clinic for Brits seeking dental treatment abroad through

nickysam said...

Many countries, style themselves as “Medical Tourist Centers” but Thailand has been a center for far longer than most. Thailand can provide some of the best healthcare available anywhere in the world at a price that will pleasantly surprise you. It has grown a huge infrastructure of medical facilities, cutting edge technology and world class expertise in the field of medical services to foreigners.

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Tan.wiratchada said...

Russell, Daniel, also Nickysam,
Thank you for stopping in and spending time in my blog with your informative comment.

Wish you all the best.

Anonymous said...

Not sure where to find specifics on medical care in Thailand. Looking for info on lasik eye treatments and costs. Is there information on this site about this?
Thank you

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