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Bangkok Tour For Kid's

Despite their high-pitched claims that all they want from life is an ice-cream cone, kids actually wield big ambitions: they want epic, exciting days-out. Not only that, with brains yet untainted by disbelief and like super-absorbent sponges, they want activities that allow imaginations to run riot just as freely as their restless bodies.

Thankfully Bangkok is, to say the least, a stimulation rich environment. Some of its everyday sights may be humbling, a few shocking even, but it's always an education. On top of these though are its tours: an entirely wholesome array of educational and entertaining days out that allow them to really engage with this environment.

Some are bizarrely Bangkok, others straddle the realms of exoticism, a few are not dissimilar to those you find back home. All, however, will capture their attention and, therefore, are worthy of yours.

Chatuchak Weekend Market
Covering 35 acres of land with over 15,000 stalls and more than 200,000 visitors every Saturday and Sunday, Chatuchak Weekend Market in Bangkok is the mother of all markets - and possibly one of the biggest and most famous in the world. If bargain-hunting for everything under the sun - including toys and kids clothes - gives you an adrenalin rush.

Crocodile Farm
The world's largest crocodile farm and brainchild of Thailand's 'Crocodile King', This is worth a trip just to witness the spectacular 'Crocodile Wrestling' and 'Acrobatic Elephant' shows held every hour. On top of the spectacle - keepers putting their heads into crocodiles mouths and the like - there also gives you explore the education and research centre for the conservation of wildlife. As you'd expect, there's millions of snappy fresh and saltwater crocs, but also elephants, gibbons, lions and snakes. A Dinosaur Museum with life-size models of dinosaurs and skeletons is also on display. Strongly recommended for fearless families!

Safari World
Get your kids to sport their safari hats for this one-day exploratory tour of Thailand's massive open zoo and leisure park. Set in over 200 acres, pint-sized jungle adventurers will love the bumpy drive through the African wilderness park, with its zebra, deer, giraffe, birds, tigers, lion and bears all roaming freely in picturesque natural habitat. Likewise aspiring deep-sea divers at the underwater park, with its elegant processions of exotic marine life, friendly dolphins and many other rare animals. On top of discovering all this, the kids will enjoy exhilarating, fast-paced stunt performances by trained dolphins, birds, seals and monkeys.

Siam Ocean World
Take the little urchins to meet the sea urchins and over 30,000 other aquatic critters at Southeast Asia's largest underwater aquarium! Submerged beneath the gigantic sea of commerce above, Siam Paragon (Southeast Asia's biggest mall), you'll encounter over 400 species on your journey through its seven different zones, everything from giant spider crabs to leafy sea dragons, blue ringed octopus to penguins - you'll even get to witness a shark feeding frenzy! Your children's fear of the great unknown conquered at Siam Ocean World, you're then free to head off upstairs for a shopping spree.

Sampran Elephant Ground and Zoo
Located in Nakhon Pathom, this day-long to Samphran Elephant Ground & Zoo gives kids and chaperones a famous elephant show with universal appeal. Complete with dramatic sounds and narration, it presents the relationships between mighty elephants and the Suay tribe people (who have trained elephant for generations), regales audiences with baby elephant displays, before re-enacting 'Yutha Hathi', an ancient war fought on elephant back.

Proving there's certainly no Dumbos here is elephantine football and other dexterous, ground shaking games, and there's a thrilling crocodile wrestling show in the tradition of Krai Thong, the most famous crocodile hunter in Thai legend. A zoo presents a huge variety of animals, freshwater fish in a large lagoon, a waterfall, orchid nursery, plus fun family activities such as elephant rides through lush tropical scenery.

Siam Water Park
In Asia's biggest water park, you can seek retreat under shady coconut trees, lay back and let your water babies run amok while under the watchful eyes of qualified lifeguards. Meanwhile let yours slowly flicker closed.

It consists of swimming pools, towering waterslides, bubbling whirlpools, fountains and a lake, but Siam Water Parks highlight is a 400-metre Super Spiral waterslide, while a giant man-made wave pool with artificial surf is just as spectacular. Further attractions include playgrounds, botanical gardens, an open zoo and an aviary. Try to time your tour for a weekday, as crowds mean it tends to get wet and wild on weekends and public holidays.



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