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The Northern Lantern Festival & YI-PENG LOI KRATHONG @ Chiang Mai provincial centre November 10 – 31, 2010

The unusual ritual of launching Lanna-style floating lanterns (khome loi or khome yi-peng) is a unique aspect of the Chiang Mai Loi Krathong festival. Traditional belief has it that when these huge lanterns are set adrift and float away, so do the troubles of the residents in the community.

'Yi-peng' literally means the full moon night of the twelfth lunar month and the Chiang Mai 'Yi-peng' and 'Loi Krathong', the Festival of Lights is organised annually by the Chiang Mai Municipality. During the festival, the entire city of Chiang Mai, its houses, streets, canals, moats and the river are decorated with lights and beautiful lanterns, making these festivities, a most beautiful and memorable experience for visitors.
The practice of setting adrift traditional krathong floats in rivers, canals, waterways, lakes and ponds is also observed by the residents of Northern Thailand. While traditional krathong were made exclusively from banana leaves, today the krathong come in all shapes and sizes and are made from a broad range of materials. Following the contest, the krathong are set afloat on the Mae Ping River.

The final night of the celebration is the most important. A procession of spectacular "Krathong Yai" or giant krathong floats will wing their way through the streets of the northern capital. The giant krathong feature elaborate decorations depicting the story of the life of the Lord Buddha, Thai literature, history and Thai art.

Many other activities of interest will also be organised ranging from Krathong contests, Lanna Thai cultural presentations and folk performances, bamboo raft races and boat races on the Mae Ping River and fireworks.

Other activities during the festiva willl include live demonstrations of traditional Lanna Thai crafts including the production of silver ornaments and lacquerware (kreuang koen), and Lanna folk performances.

Contact information:
Tourism Authority of Thailand, Chiang Mai Office
Areas of responsibility: Chiang Mai, Lampang, Lamphun
Tel: +66 (0) 5324 8604, (0) 5324 8607
Fax: +66 (0) 5324 8605

Event dates and programme details may be subject to change. To ensure you have the most updated information, please reconfirm details prior to travel.

Tourism Authority of Thailand
Tel: +66 (0) 2250 5500 (120 automatic lines)
Fax: +66 (0) 2250 5511 (two automatic lines)

please call 1672.

1600 Petchaburi Road, Makkasan, Rajatevee
Bangkok 10400 THAILAND.

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