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Tham Lot Forest Park,Mae Hongson

Nestled in a deep valley and surrounded by lofty mountain ranges, Mae Hong Son province has remained unexposed to the outside world. Today, this province is a dream holiday destination for tourists around the world.

It is popular for its spectacular scenic beauty, comfortable weather and pristine surroundings. One such remarkable place to visit in this province is the Tham Lot Forest Park.

Tham Lot Forest Park is situated 77 kilometer from the town of Mae Hong Son in the district of Pang Mapha. The most interesting aspect of Tham Lot Forest Park is the way in which nature created an exotic subterranean aura of darkness and mystery.

Tham Lot Forest Park has derived its name from the Tham Lot Cave that is present inside the park. In fact, Tham Lot is a huge cave system that is almost 1 kilometer long. Archaeological excavations have revealed that there were people inhabiting this place some 2,000 years ago. To be precise, these caves are believed to have provided shelter to pre-historic man. In fact, archaeologists have found ancient artifacts of clay utensils and a number of carved wooden coffins that validate this claim. The roof of these caves is completely filled with several beautiful stalagmite and stalactite formations. Interestingly, a small brooks runs through the entire length of the cave from the cave’s mouth to the other side of the mountain. One can either hire a raft or travel on foot in order to explore these caves. In order to hire a raft, visitors have to pay 100 baht per group.

Located around these caves are lush evergreen forests that provide a wonderful experience of a lifetime. Also present in this forest park is the Tham Lot Nature Study Center in front of the Tham Lot cave mouth. Visitors can get accommodation at this center. Overnight camping facilities are also available inside the park.

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