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Bangkok Dolls & Museum

Since 1957, Bangkok Dolls has been creating a variety of exquisite handmade collectible Thai Dolls. Each doll is handcrafted by fine artisans, as they have been for generations. Every year, thousands of people from around the world visit our atelier in Bangkok.Come see what makes a Bangkok Doll the perfect souvenir from Thailand.

Bangkok Dolls" are authentically handcrafted to the most minute detail. Exstensive research precedes each design. Antique costumes have been based on museum originals, temple murals, and illustrations from antique books. Contemporary costumes such as those of the Farmer and Hilltribe dolls faithfully reproduce the clothing and ornaments of these people.

Bangkok Dolls have been awarded prizes internationally, that include First Prize and the Honorary Gold Peacock Feather Award from The 3rd International Folklore Dolls Biennial in Cracow, Poland. Over the years, Bangkok Dolls has received praise from various people in the letters, newspaper and magazine articles, books and our visitor's log.

Bangkok Dolls have won several awards for their creations. A single-storey workshop and Doll Museum in the Chandavimol family compound at 85 Soi Ratchataphan (Soi Mo Leng) in Bangkoks Makkasan district is the magnet for several visitors who wish to inspect these miniature creations in all their wondrous variety.
Anyone planning a trip to Thailand may enjoy visiting the Bangkok Dolls House and Museum. It is situated in an area of beautiful settings according to Thai history and literature. The museum displays a large collection of famous International dolls from all over the world.

Open : Mon - Sat from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Admission : Free
Tel : 0 2245 3008


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